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Top five benefits of GreenMAG™

  1. 100% recyclable
  2. Won't delaminate or curl
  3. No adhesive to gum-up cutting blades
  4. Contains no phthalates
  5. Made in the USA!


• Indoor and outdoor advertising
• Interchangeable graphics
• Menu boards
• Printed premiums
• Vehicle signs (.030" thick only)

Printing Notes for Magnetized Sheet

Cleaning: Not Needed! Do not clean the surface of GreenMAG™ with alcohol or any other solvent before printing. It is ready to accept UV, latex, or eco-solv inks right out of the box. Since it does not have a 4 mil vinyl laminate, GreenMAG™ will feel more flexible and thinner than vinyl, but it still has the same, strong magnetic base.

Magnets and Presses: Before running pre-magnetized GreenMAG™ on wide format inkjet printers, we recommend that you cover any steel sections in the infeed that the magnet passes over. Cover with 10 pt card stock to prevent direct contact and sticking, as shown in the picture below.

Close Up Of Printing Magnets

Heat Cure Restrictions: Some wide format inks need heat to dry quickly. Because the heavy magnetic base acts as a heat sink, the tendency may be to increase the heat setting to dry the ink. This may cause the magnetic base to soften, and the heavy weight of the stock may cause it to stretch. It is best just to use lower heat and allow the ink more time to air dry.

 Adams GreenMAG™ - a printable recyclable magnet up to 30" wide!

A durable printable coating is applied directly to our magnet sheet, eliminating the need for a laminated print surface. This makes it completely recyclable. Send it back to us and we’ll use it to make more GeenMAG™!

Roll Of GreenMAG Magnet Sheet
Item 22D0019: .030 X 24.313 X 50FT WHITE PRINTABLE MAGNET SHEET


  •  .015” or .020” thick available in up to 24.75” wide rolls
  •  .030” thick available in 24.75” or 30” wide rolls
  •  Adams can cut sheets or custom roll sizes in Elmhurst, IL or Carlsbad, CA
  •  Compatible with, eco-solvent, UV and latex inks
  •  Inkjet, flatbed and offset printable
  •  The mounting surface is protected with a clear matte backside coating
  •  Acceptable for indoor or outdoor use
  •  Can be supplied magnetized or un-magnetized
  •  Download the specifications sheet, here.



  • GreenMAG Recyclable Printable Sheet
    GreenMAG uses a durable printable coating applied directly to our magnet sheet, eliminating the need for a laminated print surface. This makes it completely recyclable. Available up to 40" wide.
  • Adams Stock Products Catalog 2018
    We are delighted to share our 2018 catalog with you. We've added updated information about our fabrication capabilities, available in Elmhurst, IL and Carlsbad, CA. We've also added new neodymium holding assemblies, a MAGbond Magnetic Media System overview, and high energy wide-format magnetic sheet (40" wide and still printable!). If you'd prefer to receive a hard copy of this catalog, let us know.
  • Adams ClingMAG Magnet Sheet with Micro-Suction
    ClingMAG™ combines two separate holding technologies, magnetic holding force, and micro-suction holding force to produce a thinner and lighter magnet that addresses potential challenges with magnet signage. The micro-suction silicon layer on the back helps to reduce magnet particle migration
    while it increases the holding force of the magnet, keeping it from sliding.
  • Flexible Magnet Cleaning and Storage
  • High Tack 2 mil Rubber Indoor Adhesive

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